12 May 2015

Installation and Setup

  • tortoise SVN (TortoiseSVN- and
  • SVN for windows (e.g. http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32svn/). You can also download zip distribution which works without installation. URL is : https://www.visualsvn.com/files/Apache-Subversion-1.8.13.zip
  • Create a repository from cmd prompt
svnadmin create "F:\ashish.mondal\mySVN\MyProjectRepo"
  • Modifying Security and Authentication Settings

Go to F:\ashish.mondal\mySVN\MyProjectRepo\conf location For our purposes, just uncomment out the following lines from svnserve.conf file in configuration

anon-access = read
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd

Open passwd file and define username=password


** You are done with the installation and setup of the SVN server (Subversion for windows) and client (Tortoise SVN).

Start the SVN server

  • Start the SVN server (Serving Your Repos for the First Time)
svnserve --daemon --root "F:\ashish.mondal\mySVN\MyProjectRepo"  
  • Create your First Project folder either from cmd prompt or from Tortoise SVN client
    • cmd prompt
      svn mkdir svn://localhost/medicalStore  
    • Tortoise SVN: Right click on desktop-> tortoizeSVN -> repo-browser -> svn://localhost -> Right click on svn:\localhost and Create Forder

Access your SVN repository by SVN client (Tortoise SVN)

  • Right click on desktop-> tortoizeSVN -> repo-browser -> svn://localhost

You are done with the setup. Follow the next blog to understand SVN release management

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